Music in our genes

The power of music to connect, to empathize, to elevate and to evoke is universal. Music envelops us nearly every waking moment, resonating with our innermost thoughts. It informs and influences our choices and our individual faculties every bit as much as logic.


team-386x230Leveraging this evocativeness of music, and the cutting edge tools of audio technology, Timbre Media designs innovative, bespoke in-house radio services that connect and engage with target audiences.

Timbre Media has evolved a unique solution that can be creatively adapted for a variety of applications across a wide array of requirements. Spanning diverse requirements like background and ambient music for specialized or generic retail establishments, hospitality, entertainment, telecom, broadcasting, management events and extending to business organizations as well as individual consumers, Timbre Media’s business solutions have proven their efficacy by creating and adding value to clients’ endeavours.